L-R:  David Widawsky – U.S. EPA, Mike Wisecarver – BOOYAH® CLEAN,     Mark Hartman – U.S. EPA

BOOYAH® CLEAN was presented with the Partner of the Year award in the FORMULATOR-PRODUCT MANUFACTURER category at the 2018 EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year awards ceremony in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  This is the second EPA award for BOOYAH® CLEAN.  In 2017, BOOYAH CLEAN won a 1st place EPA Gulf Guardian Award for Business and Industry.  Both awards show the huge commitment BOOYAH® CLEAN has put into protecting the environment.

“There is a real need for EPA Safer Choice Certified Direct Release cleaners to help protect our waters for future generations,” says Mike Wisecarver, President/CEO of BOOYAH® CLEAN.  With more than 12 million recreational boaters registered in the U.S. alone, there are hundreds of millions of pounds of toxic chemicals making their way into our waterways.  We provide safer alternatives, having cleaning products that can be used in or around all waters and dry lands and released directly into them without the damaging effects of traditional cleaning products.  That’s why we developed our formulas and partnered with the EPA Safer Choice program to obtain EPA Safer Choice Certification and went further to meet the even more stringent EPA Direct Release standards.”

For products to be labeled EPA Safer Choice, each ingredient in a product is evaluated through the EPA’s rigorous scientific process and must meet all the criteria outlined in their standard.  The Safer Choice program is voluntary and every product with the Safer Choice logo is a major investment for the company and demonstrates the leadership of formulating safer products for human health and the environment.

BOOYAH® CLEAN has expanded their line-up of cleaners to the Automotive, Commercial and Farm industries and is the only line of EPA SAFER CHOICE CERTIFIED DIRECT RELEASE cleaners for the Marine industry.  Only EPA Safer Choice Certified Direct Release products may be used in and/or on the water and released directly into the environment legally.

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