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Did nothing to improve the appearance of my aluminum pontoons!

Sorry, but did nothing to improve the look of my pontoons.

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Best product I have ever used. Best of all safe for the Enviormental 😀🧼

Easy On, Easy Off!

I purchased BOOYAH Clean to remove brown tannin water stains from the fiberglass hull of my Novurania 430DS Center Console RIB. I sprayed the cleaner on the affected areas, waited for it to work for a few minutes then rinsed it off with water. Most of the stains were removed and with a second application and a little hand scrubbing, the more stubborn areas were cleaned.

Not what expected

I watched videos and saw reviews but product just didn't perform as expected! I was glad I only paid what I did

We are sorry to hear this product did not meet your expectations. We would like a chance to make this right. Can you please share a photo of your hull for us to review to see if there may be a better product suited for your application?

I saw this on Facebook and was intrigued by the fact it would not harm my brand new shiny aluminum trailer. I first tried it on my waverunner that looked like it had beef stew from waterline down,
i sprayed the entire craft and rinsed. About 75-80% came off, A second application qith a light swish feo my wash brush and now it shined like new.
A did my Mastercraft ski boat which was not nearly as dirty and again boat came out like new with no etching of the aluminum trailer.

I am telling everyone and ordering some of their other products for future use, Five stars!

Not a Fan

Tried the product 3 separate times on my 24 foot fresh water only wakeboard boat. The product failed to remove and or clean anything.

We are sorry to hear this product did not meet your expectations. We would like a chance to make this right. Can you please share a photo of your hull for us to review to see if there may be a better product suited for your application?

Goo Stuff

Works just like the commercial says. Spray on , hose off. It even cleaned my exhaust tips and took off some back stains. I’ll buy again.

Non acid hull cleaner

Booyah non acid hull cleaner works …. I pour it in a 1 gallon pump sprayer so it’s easy to use when I pull the boat out of the water..
After 10 days at the dock we put the boat on the trailer and did a clean up.. Booyah works great…You will have to scrub a little with a soft brush….
You won’t ever get a real good clean without some elbow grease….Booyah Takes off majority of stains and debris well…

It just works

This stuff is great. Doesn't eat my trailer, but cleans the slime off my boat after Several months in the water. It just works. Yes, you may need a brush. You need more with acid cleaners.

Jay Hunnell
Great stuff

I was amazed it worked just like they said it would.After using the wash sprayed on the non-acid spray and off came the yellow.


the name is perfect! does a great job on the crud ring on the hill from sitting in the water at the marina. love it!

Game changer

I sprayed the boat and the stain disappeared. I wish I had found this sooner. Highly recommend Boo Yah!


Had a terrible brown stain on the entire hull nothing would even touch it booyah got rid of it all with minimum effort would highly recommend

Brent Orso
The Best Hull Cleaner in America

BOOYAH!!!!!! I bought this product to see if it would really work. Not only did i find out it work. Bar None the best Hull cleaner in america. Apply product (BOOYAH) to your boat wait 5 minutes.your boat will look like new.


I've tried every product out there, and I just couldn't believe I could spay something on my boats hull, and it would actually take the stains off. It works as advertised!! The other real reason I tried a bottle is because I'm fans, and friends of "The Fish Guyz". Captain George Clark Jr., and his Co- host Captain Lain Goodwin have Booyaa Clean as one of their sponsors, and if it works for them it must be good. And it is freaking awesome! No more harsh chemicals to worry about. What more could you ask for?

Go get some, and tight lines everyone!

You have got to get some of this!!

I honestly thought the videos id seen were most likely altered to make it appear that this product worked faster than it actually would. It just didn't seem possible for a non acid hull cleaner that is safe to use close to the water would be that effective so quickly. I WAS WRONG! I have an older ProLine center console and the hull was definitely needing cleaning. I wish I'd taken a video because as soon as I sprayed the product on you could actually see the stains just disappear. I will be recommending BooYah clean to everyone I see with a boat whether they ask or not. Simply an Awesome product.

Good and safe

Works better than expected

I used this product on my hull. When I applied the Booha to the hull where I had stains and scum lines. After about three to four minutes I rinsed off the hull it was like new. I highly recommend this product if you own a boat.

Best product ever

I've tried almost everything under the sun too remove the river from the bottom of my boat, I was very skeptical to spend more money on products that don't work, when I got my booyah, I emeditly put it through the test, and to my surprise this product worked better than I could have imagined. An I've been using it ever since,
Love the booyah, I use it for almost every cleaning job I have, highly recommended

Stan Fullerton
Easy peasy

I had left my fishing kayak tied up to my dock in the back waters of the mighty Mississippi in pool 9 for 3 summers . Tried several other methods of cleaning only to get no results . Then I saw this pop up on my FB feed and gave it a try . After 3 sprayings and rinsing a it is as clean as I could expect . Probably lost 5 bounds off the weight . What a great product .


amazing product, brought my boat from scummy and green back to white. I will say heavily soiled areas will require some agitation with a brush, but it will have your boat looking like new! Will deffinatly recommend this product

I’m a believer

Have been using the national brand of acid based hull cleaner for 30 years. Was skeptical that a non acid cleaner could take the scum off of the waterline after sitting in the lake for a couple of months. IT DID!! I will be a customer for life!


This stuff is mind blowing. I tried dozens of products on my fiberglass nautique hull. This stuff just stay on and it’s magically pearl white again. I literally could not believe my eyes. After that I bought the gallon jug after knowing it works that good. It’s unbelievable. Also worked amazing with cleaning dog pee out of my basement carpet in the house. Same thing. Tried a carpet shampooer and multiple products. Nothing would fully get the pee smell gone. Used booya on it. The smell is gone lol. This shit is a multi purpose ass kicking cleaner for just about anything.

Works exactly like the ad describes.

I was doubtful how this non-acid product would work compared to the acid based products. But when I received the product, it easily removed the stains from the hull of my boat. This is a great product. I recommend it highly.

Awesome shit

Took my boat in the nasty Ohio River and boy was it dirty this booyah took it all off she shines like new. 👍 I’m all in on this stuff