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Pat McLaughlin
Great boat soap!

This product is amazing, ordered after hubs had run out and didn’t know where he purchased from before!


Boat sat on water for 6 months. Pulled out and sprayed with hill cleaner. Looks like new!

Clean boat

Had boat sitting in lake for 5 months. Took out and sprayed with cleaner. Looks good as new with very minimal scrubbing

Booth hull cleaner

I've used this hull cleaner on two boats now and it's easy to use and removes 95% of the dirt and grime.

Absolutely one of the best cleaners

This is my second gallon i ordered. will not use anything else on the boat best product on the market cleans with ease .

D Worley

I had not cleaned my boat in several years & was not very optimistic regarding any product.. I used the wash followed by the hull cleaner; it cleaned the boat within minutes and I only used a fraction of the gallon, it was unbelievable! Purchase with confidence!!

Surprised at the results!

I used it on my 25 year old Sundance boat and I was amazed at the results! I applied it as directed and after a few minuted, before it dried, I used a relative soft brush to brush the area and the stains just came right off. doesn't look like a 25 year old boat anymore!

Great product

Great product and I will purchase more in the future.


Works good, just need to work at it and reapply a couple of times, like it cause it didn't harm the trailer. Will buy again.

5 stars

Great product! It removed water stains from my boat instantly!!

Very satisfied

So much better than on-off cleaner. Won’t harm trailer,concrete, or your lungs. Works very good definitely need to scrub in stubborn spots but you had to do that with the acid

Effortless cleaning

Where I use my boat It gets stained very quickly, this stuff makes cleaning almost effortless. no more scrubbing with soap or power washer. Recommend buying gallon and using your own spray bottle or even better a pressurized pump sprayer.

Love it ,boat come home a mess and one day later it looks new again.


This product does exactly what it says. I was amazed how easy it as to remove the dried on brown scum from my white boat. I will be purchasing more!!

Booyah came through

I had my doubts but it did an amazing job. Going to order
one for my sons boat and another for me.

This Works Great!

Bought a boat that was in the lake for the season. Just a light scrub before using this cleaner and watched it disappear. This is a great product.

Fantastic product

I was a bit skeptical but after burning my skin no matter what I tried with acid wash I had to try it. It worked as good, if not better, than the acd wash. Most areas only required one application, the worst areas a second one. I leave my boat in the water all year so the algae was very thick on the underside but Booyah got it off. Best part, no need to roll or rub it on. I put it in a spray bottle and was able to reach the hard to get areas from a distance. Thank you Booyah!!

Wonderful product. First one I ordered that actually did what was advertised!!
Will positively be ordering by the gallon now.

hull cleaner

Works well on tough stains our area puts lots of stains on hull easy to use spray on take a brush and wash like normal comes out spotless every time i just purchased some wash and a spray wax will update when I use Thanks


Great product and arrived on time

Worked as promised

30 years boating and sucking up acid fumes are now over. I will be buying more next year!
This product sounded to good to be true and I was skeptical but it worked great!

Worked Great

Worked as advertised will continue use

Mark Rotenberger
Best boat cleaning ever

This was a great deal & worked GREAT.
I will be buying gallon refills from now on.

Booya Believer

I never let myself fall for these "magical, miracle" type products...but after trying everything under the sun to clean the scum line off my boat, I felt I had to try it. The reviews were all good.
I was amazed at how easily the scum stain came off. I had to do 2 applications but we are talking years of it being there. It seemed a bit pricey which made me tentative about buying but when my quart is gone I'll be getting some more.

Boat looks great!

Your product performs great and I appreciate my boats new look!