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BOOYAH CLEAN BOTTOM HULL CLEANER is a new acid replacement technology that performs as well as many acids without the health and safety concerns.  This non-acid, non-fuming, and low pH formula is designed to remove, scum lines, rust stains, scale and hard water deposits.

SAFE FOR USE ON:  Fiberglass, Plastic, Iron, Rubber, and Painted Surfaces

For best results, we recommend removing the boat from the water and allowing the deposits and stains to dry completely before cleaning.

NOTE:  Do not allow BOOYAH CLEAN BOTTOM HULL CLEANER to dry on the surface being cleaned.

100% Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back!

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It really works!

Although my 41’ Center Console sits on a lift, the bottom slowly turns brown from being in the water and every couple years I like to clean it and make it bright white again. I sprayed on Booyah bottom and Hull cleaner. Only a few spots needed a light brushing and rinsed it off and the results were amazing. My boat has a nice bright white bottom again. I will use this product again and I highly recommend it!

A clean bottom

Booyah works great, I rolled it on with a small paint roller on a pole and had a friend follow behind me with a scrub brush and then I pressure washed it off and it did a great job with less chemicals. ( you should still wear a mask). We did washed two 27 foot boats and still have enough for next year

Awesome Results + No Scrubbing

I have tried many hull cleaners and have always been disappointed - lots of scrubbing and the hull never really gets clean. This product does an awesome job! Took the speedboat out of the water and it was covered in scum, with the hard stuff underneath. Took it to a car wash and sprayed off the loose, scummy layer. Then took it home and used a garden sprayer to apply Booyah's Bottom Hull Cleaner. Cleaned the fiberglass hull, painted sterndrive, and stainless steel props - one section at a time. Just sprayed on, waited 5-10 minutes, and sprayed again. All areas were completely clean after spraying 2-4 times. Used about 2 gallons on a 25' boat. Came out very clean without scrubbing anything! Awesome!


Totally awesome, would recommend it to anyone.

Great stuff

This stuff is awesome. I definitely will be buying this again thanks Booyah