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BOOYAH CLEAN BOTTOM HULL CLEANER is a new acid replacement technology that performs as well as many acids without the health and safety concerns.  This non-acid, non-fuming, and low pH formula is designed to remove, scum lines, rust stains, scale and hard water deposits.

SAFE FOR USE ON:  Fiberglass, Plastic, Iron, Rubber, Painted Surfaces

For best results, we recommend removing the boat from the water and allowing the deposits and stains to dry completely before cleaning.

NOTE:  Do not allow BOOYAH CLEAN BOTTOM HULL CLEANER to dry on the surface being cleaned.

100% Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back!

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Booyah Hull Cleaner - Super Good Product

Wow! My dreaded annual routine was to don a hazmat suit, rubber boots, respirator, and goggles to use a highly effective but dangerous acid based hull cleaner. But I bought a bottle of Booyah hull cleaner instead. With shorts, fishing shirt, sandals and sunglasses I lightly sprayed my hull with it. It looks amazing! No dead vegetation either. You have a super good product.

Excellent Results

My boat had sat in fresh water for about 4 months and this product was amazing how easy and effective it was. Washed with the Boyaah boat wash and the sprayed the hull cleaner in and let it sit for 15 minutes...pressure washed it off easy and little effort. Very impressed

Ken, We are so excited to hear about your great results! Thank you so much for sharing and for being a BOOYAH CLEAN customer! We look forward to helping you keep your boat BOOYAH clean for many years!
Good stuff!

Work as it should!

Doug, Thank you so much for choosing Booyah Clean! We want to help you keep your boat BOOYAH CLEAN for many years to come. Happy Holidays!
Booyah Hull Cleaner.

Product worked quite well. Though not as bad as acid wash, the fumes were still noxious and I wore a mask, safety glasses, gloves. In certain places I had to apply second application and do some scrubbing before stain was removed. One bottle was all it took to complete cleaning the bottom of my 17 ft. bowrider that keep on the Hudson River. I was surprised that the bottle did not disclose the chemicals in the product. In sum, a good product, performed as advertised. Expect to do some manual scrubbing.

Steven, Thank you for your review and for choosing BOOYAH CLEAN! We don't disclose our ingredients as our products are all patent pending, but they are are safest ingredients available and all have been tested and evaluated by independent labs and the EPA for cleaning ability, human health, animal and plant safety.


Jamie, Thank you so much for choosing BOOYAH CLEAN! We look forward to helping you keep your boat BOOYAH clean for many years!