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Mike Wisecarver |

For decades toxins have found their way into nearly every waterway and water source. Some via leaching from industrial facilities, some via flood waters that carried contaminates, as well as pesticides and poisons from farming and pest controls.  There are many ways we have unintentionally been poisoning our waters.  The results have devastating effects on the aquatic life and environments as well as humans and animals. The fish get contaminated from the toxins in the waters causing the consumers to ingest them from eating the contaminated fish.  

More restrictions and guidelines have been put into practice over the last several years to reduce the amounts of toxins and poisons from reaching our waters and the life within them. We want to go further, by reducing even more contaminates that find their way into our various waters be it our oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, seas, ditches, sewers, etc. That is why we researched and developed our line of BOOYAH CLEAN MARINE CLEANERS.  It is important that anyone that enjoys water activities like, swimming, fishing, boating, sailing, and all other water sports have clean waters in which to interact.  

So how do BOOYAH CLEAN MARINE CLEANERS make a difference?  Each of our products have been carefully researched and developed to be the most effective at cleaning while being the SAFEST they can be for YOU and the ENVIRONMENT.  The ingredients that make up each formula pass the U.S. EPA AQUATIC Toxicity guidelines for Fish, Algae, and Aquatic Invertebrates and pass not only SAFER CHOICE requirements, they also meet and/or exceed the strict criteria of DIRECT RELEASE products.  We want to change the way people clean their water craft (boats, jet skis, water toys like surf and paddle boards, tow behind rides) anything that you put into the water.  

Our commitment is to provide the best cleaning and safest products for YOU, your Family & Pets, and the Environment!

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