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BOOYAH CLEAN HEAVY-DUTY BILGE CLEANER -  Meets EPA Safer Choice Direct Release Criteria


Use one quart per 25' of boat to clean the hydrocarbons, grime, dirt, stains, and foul odors from bilge. For dry bilges, add fresh water.  Run boat with BOOYAH CLEAN HEAVY-DUTY BILGE CLEANER for at least one hour, the boat's motion will allow the product to break down dirt, forming a uniform emulsion that can be easily disposed of by draining or pumping out the bilge at an authorized pumpout station.  Use once per month or as often as needed to keep your bilge clean, and odor-free.  

BOOYAH CLEAN Marine Products meet EPA Safer Choice Direct Release criteria for direct release into the environment including oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, creeks, ponds, ditches, sewers, wetlands and all other waterways as well as dry lands when the treatment and/or collection of washwater is impractical or unachievable.

100% Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back!

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Customer Reviews

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Had gas leak in bottom of hull used Booyah bilge non acid cleaner did a great job no gas smell in double bottom

Bill, so sorry to hear you had a leak, but very happy to hear how well our Bilge Cleaner got it cleaned up and smelling better! Thank you for choosing BOOYAH CLEAN!
Boo yah

Work good. Impressed

Brant, thank you so much for choosing BOOYAH CLEAN! We are very happy to hear about your results!
A plus

Easy use. Spray, sit for 3minitues then rinse

Ronnie, Thank you for the review and for choosing BOOYAH CLEAN! We look forward to helping you keep your boat clean for years!